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The sense of I
A thought, a mood, an action where it hides. Yes but only momentarily, only for small periods of time until yet again uncovered, unprotected in search again for shelter to hide.....Staying with the I, staying with the unprotectedness of I.

Staying there with the finger on the wound. It is not feelings, stories, impressions that need healing. It is only unmasking it, peeling it from the idea of an individual self; from the false impression they exist independent from I. The sense of I, the sense of I.

Undeniably the sense of I. Feeling its walls, feeling its need for cover, for shelter. The sense of I, the sense of I. What's beyond the wall. What is beyond. The sense of I, The sense of I. Again feelings, thoughts arise. I
need, I want, I will. I AM.

Like a child whose mother removes his favorite toy and the child cries and cries, the sense of I, the sense of I. He is then picked up by his mother, what better comfort than the toy this is, incomparable with the immediacy of the mother with the tender hold and look of love. The kid still may cry but not anymore out of pain, but out of faint remembrance; until the pure satisfaction, the pure fulfillment of mother's hold silence his heart.
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