Inner Space

Inner Space

Beitragvon Angelica » Mittwoch 9. Juli 2008, 15:22

I’d like to talk about the inner space that is found within, to get in touch with it we only need to be very still and alert for a few seconds. This is the source of all our thoughts, creativity, and inspiration, and what animates the body. We can feel it when we close our eyes and put our attention in our hands for a moment, we feel a light tinkling inside our hands, we can then move the attention to the bottom of our feet and feel the tinkling, we can try to feel our hands and feet together; can you feel your entire body?
We are basically feeling the inside of our body the life force that runs through us. When we get in touch with this inner space through stillness of mind and body awareness we become rooted within ourselves. This is our inner sanctuary where no matter the circumstances out there is peace.
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