Finding purpose in life

Finding purpose in life

Beitragvon Angelica » Mittwoch 16. Juli 2008, 20:08

I always thought that my purpose in life was linked to an activity that I would do. Now, I can say, that this is not really true. I noticed that when we do something that does not resonate, because of financial reasons, or emotional reasons, it leaves a sense of lack. This is easy to see. But I also noticed that when we do something that it is truly enjoyable, e.g., our dream job, dream kids, or wife, sooner or later, the same sense of a lack will emerge.

The Purpose of my life is not linked to something that I do. Instead, the purpose of my life is my state of being at this moment. Bringing this awareness to whatever is happening now is the fulfilment of my existence. I may still find my outside circumstances far from ideal, but in this ‘tuning in’ with being-ness, life becomes fulfilling from the inside out. My individual existence becomes a servant to Life itself, and this is the true meaning of a life worth living.
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