Help with internal unrest and pressure


FlowRetreats offer people holistic solutions for stress, anxiety and burnout. Often a stress-related disorder begins with regular restlessness, the mind and nervous system are overstretched and no longer calm down properly, similar to a traffic light that is stuck on orange or red. At this stage, a constant state of chronic stress establishes, which is tolerable for quiet a long while, but in the long run is an overload for the body and mind system. At this phase, you should become very awake with your signals, because it can be the beginning of a painful burnout syndrome.


We have developed three different FlowRetreat programs depending on the varying intensity of different burnout stages. The first stage can be described as internal restlessness and is typically shown by the following signs:

  1. compulsive mental overactivity
  2. internal pressure, restlessness, fear, anger
  3. Person usually considers himself indispensable, is often driven towards goals, perfection, and high performance
  4. Inner chaos
  5. Permanent stress

The FlowRetreat Stage I contain three targeted core impulses: daily flow psychotherapy/coaching, healthy eating and daily routine consisting of yoga and meditation practices.

If you have any questions about the right offer for you, please call us at +49-7634-5949773.


The 6-13 day FlowRetreat Stage I takes place at the HumanFlow Institute, Badenweiler.

  1. daily individual coaching & therapy according to the HumanFlow method (impulse 1)
  2. Understanding the dynamics of inner restlessness, fears, anger, guilt, etc.
  3. daily Flow Yoga with integrated breathing exercises and meditationprogram (Impulse 2)
  4. daily healthy vegetarian lunch
  5. An individually developed, practical 2-month plan of change for home
  6. Optional: massages for relief, nutritional advice, private yoga lessons.
  7. Optional weekly follow-up by phone or Zoom video call


  • The total price is 1,420 € (2 weeks 2,700 €). This price excludes the accommodation costs of the partner hotels (see recommendations), dinner and breakfast.
  • The FlowRetreat is a psychotherapeutic naturopath’s service without VAT, except for the meals. On request, you will receive an official medical practitioner’s invoice for your naturopath private insurance with digits and an official diagnosis.
  • For an examination of the reimbursement of the costs of the naturopath’s service by your insurance company, you will find an example invoice according to GOH, which you can submitted and checked in advance by your insurance agency.
  • As a flow coaching service for stress or change management, we provide you or your company with an invoice from plus 19% VAT (exception: A and CH companies)
  • If you do not have the financing option, but would like to come to FlowRetreat Vital, please contact us about the possibilities.
  • For cancellations less than 5 days before the start, we will charge you 40% of the full price, for less than 48 hours 80% and for no shows 100% of the total amount. If you have any concerns about this, we recommend that you take out a separate travel cancellation insurance (e.g. Allianz).
  • Our prices are exclusive of accommodation.
  • We have a maximum number of retreat participants of 6 people.


“… I take home a lot of knowledge that I’ve been taught in a very understandable way. Understanding myself better and uncovering old stale feelings in my psyche hit bull’s eye, which was most surprising for me, but probably the important outcome of this week.”

Franziska, journalist

“… There has been a tremendous calm in me. My storm of thoughts has subsided. Things are starting to turn up within myself of where my journey might go. I am able not to ruminate about it, or cling to it, but allow life to approach me with less control… “

Martina, Cook

“… I’m fine, I haven’t been doing as good for ages. My mind-set has almost stopped completely its destructive work. When I am here and now, my fears also fade. I have finally regained my long-gone joy in life…”

Uwe, Butcher


Coaching / Therapy

Yoga / Meditation

Healthy food


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