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I would like to share my first work with you 'HumanFlow: The art of getting to know yourself'. The name says it all. The book is the result of my experience with over a thousand coachees and patients who have come to us at the HumanFlow Center because of private or professional crises, exhaustion syndromes or personality development. HumanFlow is about becoming more conscious and finding the "natural flow", inside and out. We learn who we are and how we really want to live.

Flow-style people know themselves better, their value, their sources of strength, their energy thieves and their connectedness. They have a more sustainable approach to themselves and others. However, flow style is by no means an absolute or static state, but a lively mixture of self-exploration, greater awareness and an authentic life. Every flow style lived is unique and individual.

"Only when we reach our limits do we get to know each other better. Only when we get to know each other do we begin to love each other. Only when we love each other do we experience ourselves as safe, free and valuable as we are"

May the book bring you much joy and flow.


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Contents of the book:

This book illuminatingly combines the foundations of the ancient wisdom of the East with the best of modern psychology and coaching. I try to tackle the age-old human challenges in completely new ways: The question of meaning, fear of life, relationships and self-realization. In all my analyses and proposed solutions, I focus on the NOW. Looking back in sorrow is just as unhelpful to the individual as looking forward to a supposedly better future. Problems exist today and should be tackled today. Building on years of experience in coaching, I focus on my practical exercises. I show helpful ways to resolve inner crises or states of exhaustion in a short space of time and to awaken your own growth potential. An ideal handbook for personal development that will prove to be an effective and extremely helpful companion through everyday life.

HumanFlow has six active principles that are a practical path to a happy life. There are

  1. The mindful principle: living in the here and now with the aim of developing more inner peace and mental freedom in everyday life.
  2. The spiritual principle: getting to know yourself for more serenity and strong self-esteem.
  3. The liberating principle: confronting fear instead of avoiding it.
  4. The reflective principle: thoughts are not reality. Among other things, new approaches to old situations are developed here.
  5. The authentic principle: admitting what is really important to you. This leads to increased satisfaction in life and clarity in decision-making.
  6. The compassionate principle: Life carries us. Compassion training with a focus on self-compassion to achieve relief, forgiveness and security.

To the author:

Falk Mieschendahl works as a coach, seminar leader and is the founder of HumanFlow. He is a non-medical practitioner (psychic), business economist, former investment banker and has been familiar with Eastern healing methods since childhood. In 10 years he has helped many hundreds of people to get to know themselves better and to find their natural flow.