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  • Can't see the wood for the trees?
  • Do you feel weak, exhausted and unable to perform?
  • Are you reaching your limits faster than usual?

The FlowKur Find your inner smile again

Short duration, deep effect: a 6-13 day time-out with psychotherapy for less overthinking, less constriction, less exhaustion - more FLOW.

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December 11, 2023
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What is the FlowKur?

How the FlowKur helps

When our psyche and brain have developed an imbalance and we are trapped in restlessness, darkness or listlessness, we sometimes need new impulses, therapy and distance. The 6-13 day FlowKur is designed for this.

It aims to defuse inner tension, to find your way back from a restless mind to safe ground and to recharge your batteries. You get to know yourself more deeply during the flow cure. You learn to strengthen your relationship with yourself, probably the most important relationship of your life. The cure is available in 3 variants: light, medium and intensive. In terms of content, the treatment follows a mixture of holistic psychotherapy, massage, mindfulness practice, yin yoga and vegetarian food.

The FlowKur is particularly suitable for the treatment of mental disorders where outpatient solutions, walks or vacations alone are no longer sufficient for self-regulation. Over 2,000 people have come to FlowKur since 2006. We have been able to help most of them. Looking back, it was a turning point for many. Read on Google about the Experience former guests. 

What former guests say

  • I traveled to Badenweiler with a fair amount of scepticism.
    At the end of my tether, with the noise of my thoughts comparable to a busy highway, I drove back home feeling tidy, invigorated and with a handful of "tools" to defy the new "old" everyday life. "Life must be livable" became my very personal guiding principle. A big thank you to Angelica, Falk and the entire Human Flow team. Through you I learned to "let go. Let go again and again!"

    Manuela S.-B.
  • I can fully recommend the HumanFlow Institute. Whether you are going through a life crisis, have health problems or are simply looking for professional support to consciously realign your life, you will find the right people here. The whole thing takes place in such a warm and pleasant setting that you simply feel accepted and allowed to be who you are.

    Dagmar O.
  • My encounter with the Human Flow team was the beginning of a lasting change in my life. The beginning of a journey of discovery. I am still traveling with curiosity. More and more confident and connected. THANK YOU for showing me the door and encouraging me to walk through it.
    Yours Nicole

    Nicole W.
  • I was once again with Falk, Angelica and the whole team for prevention and, as always, it was incredibly beneficial. The peace, relaxation, serenity and, above all, the mindfulness I felt did me the world of good again and help me in my everyday life. It is always very nice and above all tangible to be with you and I would love to come back. Best regards Erik

    Erik E.
  • Here I found the key to a door that I didn't even know existed before. This has completely changed my life and my view of it - very much for the better. I not only learned a lot about stress, but also how to deal with it more consciously. I am extremely grateful for this!

    Elke N.
  • This place is an oasis to recharge your batteries and rethink. If you are suffering from exhaustion, if life has become difficult, you will find people here who will help you get back on your feet with a great deal of knowledge, empathy and experience. And in a remarkably short time. Just pick up the phone and call without obligation. There is a way for you! Take the first step!

    Christian F.
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The FlowKur approach

How to stop thinking too much:

Why FlowKur? Even if healing is the first priority in the case of acute mental overload, in the long term a mindful approach to one's own vitality is often even more crucial. The question is, can I lead a complex life in the long term, perform well and enjoy the little things without paying the price of chronic restlessness or darkness? Yes, it is possible, even if it is not easy. It requires calm, authenticity and consideration.

Your answers will be individual. They will probably include insights, experiments, less, tools and experiences for change, internally and externally. It is a journey. During the FlowKur we will help you find your mix. From what we discover, we form a "garden plan of the psyche". At home in your everyday life, we accompany you in the process of integration and vary the practical details as required (via Zoom/telephone). You can find more information about the content here

Consciousness-based psychotherapy: The HF approach with its 8 evolved principles from different forms of therapy invites you to explore yourself. What serves you and your vitality and what does not? What is real? This usually requires less haste, less thinking, doing and creating, some care, some direction, a few weeks of patience (even if you are not patient). What emerges from beneath the surface of the stormy psyche is you: at peace, with yourself, completely okay, safe, good for no reason, without constant effort. We call this the natural Basic state. It is like a diamond, hidden in your pocket. Self-healing begins. 

For many of us, the basic state is constantly superimposed. Mental peak and continuous performance has been learned. Without a break. Concentration. Efficiency. For years. Unconsciously. This is normal, just as mistakes are human. But if, over time, obsessive thinking, wanting, needing and having to dominate your psyche, more energy is consumed than can be accumulated. This is problematic in the long term. At some point, the battery goes on reserve, we burn out, we no longer relax. We are constantly thin-skinned. Circular thoughts, loss of performance, homelessness, no joy and exhaustion are typical signs. It gets tight. Survival.

The good news? Change is possible. The FlowKur helps you carefully and individually to find your way out of stuck habits, out of unconscious mistakes and back to the center in the here and now. Without pressure. We support you. A psyche in balance is a gift.

The advantages the FlowKur:

Find your flow

Your inside reflects your real. If something permanently constricts you, drains you and drives you into a mental disorder, no matter how important, right and unchangeable it seems to you, it is not true. Nothing and no one is above life in you in the long term, no matter what you have learned or what your ego believes or wants. Work, partner, family, goals, etc., have no right to make you mentally ill. The life within you is at least as valuable as the life before you. You can learn to honor your life. Perhaps you even have to, if it is dear to you. Everything else, no matter how important and untouchable it may seem, is merely 2nd place

The FlowKur opens a door to inner self-care.

Get your smile back. During the FlowKur we accompany you from overload back to the stable ground of reality: less constriction and without a lot of fuss. You experiment with saving vitality - your bowl begins to fill up again. 

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If you are interested in more information, please call us at +49-7634-5949773 or get in touch with us via our Contact form.
One only sees trees - problems close together.
The other spaces - and the light.
E. Matani
Next FlowKur date:
December 11, 2023
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Free of charge & without obligation

That's what our guests say:

  • I was the first patient after Corona in June and came to Badenweiler after pain therapy to find out whether it was possible to get rid of the restlessness and many thoughts in my head and my tense body in just one week. I can only confirm all the positive reviews. Falk Mieschendahl has the gift and experience to lead people to their core, to find and feel themselves and to learn what is useful and what is not in a short time, through great empathy, dedication and sincere cordiality. Through Angelica, with her great knowledge, her profoundness and equally warm, empathetic manner, I was able to experience what yoga and meditation can do. A puzzle has come together for me. Through the daily intensive work and regular massages, my body and mind were able to regroup. I am amazed at how much dedication, heart, brain and warmth these people really put into helping others. It is a great joy to know that there are such benevolent people out there. The "tools" you get with them work for your time at home. Falk's book is also a help to me, as I was able to experience many exercises and they are in the book with me like a log. Attending the humanflow institute is a great enrichment. Thank you

    Antje H.
  • A wonderful institute with very caring, individual support during your stay. For anyone who needs to "get back on their feet" quickly, you can find out within a week where the causes of burnout lie and what you need to change in the short and long term. In addition to very good psychological support from experts, there is also the opportunity to achieve physical health through special offers regarding food intolerances and your own lifestyle. My absolute recommendation for all people who feel burnt out and unhappy!

    Andrea N.
  • The HumanFlow Centre is a wonderful oasis that offers the opportunity to nourish yourself, to love, to appreciate and to recognize who you really are. Deep insights are possible and provide the breeding ground for sustainable change. Helpful tools are passed on in a practical way, which provide further support for implementation in everyday life at home.

    Falk and Angelica welcomed me as a spontaneous guest with open arms and accompanied me competently and lovingly. They were a magical safety net for me that the universe sent me at a tangibly difficult and uncertain time ????❤️

    Today, it is with great pleasure and gratitude that I pass on the experience I have gained and the valuable principles I have learned and integrated to other people, especially women.

    Kristina S.
  • Entering the Human Flow Institute is always a feeling of "coming home" for me. Thanks to the support of a benevolent and very competent team, I gained great insights into myself during the flow cure. This gave me back a great deal of freedom. For me, it was the key to the bars that I had once erected myself. I am very grateful to life for leading me to this wonderful place in times of severe crisis. For me, the flow cure was the most valuable journey of my life: the journey to myself. The subsequent HumanFlow Coach training further strengthened me on my life journey and as a companion to people on their path.

    Bernd D.
  • You arrive at the Humanflow Institute (perhaps - like many - at a personal low point) and you immediately feel that you are safe. It's like arriving in a beautiful place - and when you leave again, you've found yourself, regained your self-confidence and have the confidence to feel self-love again. This was my experience of the flow cure and the HF seminars I attended. Humanflow offers a way to find inner peace and healing. My later training as a Humanflow coach was a wonderful deepening for myself and for my work with clients. Gerlinde from K.

    Geli K.
  • This place is an oasis to recharge your batteries and rethink. If you are suffering from exhaustion, if life has become difficult, you will find people here who will help you get back on your feet with a great deal of knowledge, empathy and experience. And in a remarkably short time. Just pick up the phone and call without obligation. There is a way for you! Take the first step!

  • You can find many more reviews from our guests in our Google entry (the link opens in a new tab):

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Help 6-13 days against burnout?

We are regularly asked whether the relatively short FlowKur duration of 6-13 days can be sufficient for chronic restlessness, burnout and exhaustion depression. The answer is no, at least not in depth - a truly depleted battery needs longer. In our observations of many exhausted people, deep recovery and mental-emotional stability often takes 2-3 months. 

The FlowKur works differently, than the clinical norm. What is realistic in 6-13 days of FlowKur is a.) to gather an initial boost of vitality, b.) to get to know yourself more deeply, c.) to get to know suitable tools in individual support, d.) to develop a coordinated healing plan for the psyche and e.) to gain a new perspective. This combination serves as a foundation, a breeding ground for the psyche and brain. The necessary rest is done by the same natural force that heals an abrasion on the knee or makes a tomato grow in the garden. We accompany this process with care, person by person.

Is the FlowKur approach right for you and your specific situation? You can only say for sure during and then a few months after the FlowKur, but the chances are good. Be open and positive. No guarantees can be given in psychotherapy, but they are not necessary either. The fruits are not in your hands, only the quality of the gardening itself. We can promise you the basis for this.

If the website appeals to you, this is a good sign that our offer might suit you. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact us for a non-binding and confidential consultation. 

Less tightness, more flow - We look forward to your inquiry. 

Signs that change is necessary include the following:
Constant pressure to perform
Head cinema & thought noise
Regular sadness
Stress-related disorders
Cognitive performance loss

FlowKur procedure

Strengthen your foundation in 6-13 days

If you are interested in more information, please call us at +49-7634-5949773 or get in touch with us via our Contact form.
Letting go of that which overlays and reduces one's own vitality is the eternal exercise of the wise.
Falk Mieschendahl

The HumanFlow team

We are here for you

We are a well-coordinated team of experts. Since 2006, we have helped over 2,000 overburdened people. We have helped many of them to get back on their feet. We ourselves know the highs and lows of life, are also self-explorers and love what we do.

Falk Mieschendahl

PSYCHOTHERAPEUT, alternative practitioner & coach

Angelica Mieschendahl

Coach, Yin-yoga & self-compassion teacher

Dr. Sharad Thaker

Former surgeon and Ayurveda doctor

Most people who come to us have done or given too much for too long and have reached a point where chronic restlessness or emotional exhaustion has taken control. We systematically support them in taking back control - step by step and consciously.

Being with yourself without having to do or change anything is meditation. Nature shows us how. You can do it too.

Follow the path of the heart

Ayurveda stands for the school of life. Everyday life is the classroom with different subjects. The grades to be awarded at this special school are contentment, lightness, self-knowledge, vitality, love and everything else that corresponds to the natural basic state. The invitation of Ayurveda is to know yourself and to be the way you are from the very beginning.

Test the FlowKur

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Next FlowKur date:
December 11, 2023

We offer you a FlowKur trial day, so that you can make your own first impression if you need more certainty.

The FlowKur is for people who want to find themselves, change something within themselves and are willing to try out new paths. Like experienced mountain guides, we accompany you on your path to change. Change is not easy, but it can be done and at a certain point there is no alternative.

If you are interested in more information, please call us at +49-7634-5949773 or get in touch with us via our Contact form.


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