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For information & advice you can reach us workdays from Monday-Saturday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (Berlin time)

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    If you change the present, the past and the future change as well.

    The HumanFlow Institute: an exceptional sanctuary for mind, body and soul to overcome anxiety, burnout and depression and to enliven your inner calm.

    Remember who you are.   You are more than you think. Learn to strengthen your roots and start to blossom again on the outside.

    An invisible problem:   In many psychological disorders, the mind is affected by a program of thought, comparable to an invisible enemy.   As harmless as the program often begins as unconscious thought-loops, its long-term consequences can be rather destructive.

    An emotional pain body can form, which has the power to overlay and permanently damage career, family, relationships and health.

    Mental disorders, such as burnout, anxiety or depression, are comparable to a severely devastated garden that desperately needs change, know-how and care.

    If you want, you can change the current state, maybe you even need to. You are the only gardener in your garden. Visit us and learn the art of inner gardening.

    Fortunately, any garden can heal. Yours too. 


    As experts for people in crisis, we know that behind every psychiological crisis there lays also the chance for authenticity and growth.   Utilise this chance. If you want, we support you with our experience, and method in a way that is suitable for everyday use, proven, personal and private:

    1. the 7 Flow Principles   and lifestyle consulting
    2. balanced diet and nourishing exercise,
    3. mindful yoga, meditation, healing massage
    4. Support for integration at home (optional)


    Our safety, distance and hygiene concept, and a maximum number of participants for a maximum of 6 participants per FlowRetreat ensures a careful therapy context for your time with at our location.

    In addition to the FlowRetreat & time-out in Badenweiler, we support you with:

    1. Digital Online Flow Therapy   – Our permanent stress & burnout program with 8 individual units over 4-8 weeks by Zoom videoconference. For more   information, prices and a small stress test, you can here   click.
    2. Invitation: Become a HumanFlow   Coach ® for stress management. Starts on November 7th, 2020. More information can be found here.

    Contact us with your questions, for advice or a reservation request.  Start moving in a new direction – now is the way.

    Falk Mieschendahl

    +49(0)7634-594 97 73

    “Only when I started to change inwardly, my outer life started to change.”

    Sonja, IT-specialist

    “With you, I have begun to look after me, to listen, and to look into me.”

    Steffi, teacher

    “I’ve finally been awake again for a long time. I see clearly again. I found myself!”

    Michaela, educator

    “The FlowKur has grounded me and my thoughts again, my thoughts are positive again.”

    Markus, Managing Director

    “You gave me a way to see my problems from a very different angle.”

    Tim, Manager


    We are an experienced team of coaches, therapists and employees with a specific competence in individual stress management, blockage solutions and healthy lifestyles. In our “oasis” we help you to regenerate and to learn how you treat yourself and your life energy respectfully and sustainably in the midst of a complex life.


    Burnout Treatments

    Find help with burnout, depression and stress. Reduce stress with FlowRetreats & digital therapies to promote longterm mental balance.


    Personal Growth

    We offer the Flow Cafe & Women’s Evenings for lifestyle changes and promotion of personal growth in growing and caring communities.


    Embrace Life

    The aim of the Flow trips to spiritual places is to be deeply touched, and inspired for change. In doing so, the sacred can appear more clearly in and in front of us.


    Become a HumanFlow Coach®

    The vocational training provides experience, knowledge and ways in which you can help others dissolve stress and find into their flow.



    A few years ago, the American study found that about 50% of our happiness is genetic, only 10% depends on external circumstances, and an incredible 40% is freely available potential that can be altered. These 40% are your actual 100%. However, the valuable, free potential “sleeps” for many, but can be activated. The key is awareness. The more unconscious the person is, the more genetics and circumstances determine the person. And the more conscious you are, the more you determine your life. The question is: Do you unknowingly live in a spiritual “film” or are you awake in the here and now? Can you stop your thoughts now?

    No matter where you stand, external life is always difficult, sooner or later, because no matter what you do, own, believe or have achieved, change and disorder will come eventually. Staying in order, and returning to it is therefore can be an essential, learnable skill. If a person and his psyche are often overloaded, distracted and unconscious, he is easily lost in his compulsive thoughts and feelings. An acute psycho-emotional “pain body” can arise, similar to an open wound. In this painful state, however, there is also a great opportunity, the chance for real change.

    To seize them, we recommend that you get to know yourself better, develop a conscious relationship with yourself and act increasingly out of inner wakefulness in the midst of complex everyday life. For the necessary process of change there is a powerful principle of action: what you regularly put on your attention, will grow through the continuous flow of information and energy in this direction. A concrete structure will arise practically out of nowhere ( which is actually the infinite field of formless potentiality). This law applies to the psyche and the brain, as well as to the outside world.

    We therefore recommend that you begin to draw attention away from your story about life, into life the way it is. Reality gains strength and the movie loses its color. At the moment, when you read these words here, your life takes place – always only in the here and now.

    If you don’t know what it means, just try it out: can you now stay awake and conscious in the present as it is, or are you immediately in the mental theater of memories, evaluations, expectations or fears? Learn to choose when you want to think for practical purposes and let go when not. You have a choice. In this choice are the full 40% of your happiness, which are actually your 100%. It is perhaps the most important decision of your life.

    Wake up from unconscious thinking – get into your flow!

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