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December 11, 2023
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Less inner constriction, more flow with HumanFlow

Many of the people who came to us had lost themselves in overthinking, performing and creating - they couldn't feel themselves and could no longer find joy in simplicity. Many were looking for less suffering, less pressure, less speed - for more normality. How can a wounded soul heal? How can I stay healthy in the long term in a busy everyday life? From a certain point of suffering, completely new impulses are needed. Something different from the familiar. Time out. Different than just solutions on the surface. Different from intellectual explanations, models and concepts. Free space. Different from just logical tools that I always have to create something with. It needs more depth, more authenticity. It needs change that lifts. It needs care. It needs you.

Common hurdles on the way out of chronic anxiety, burnout & exhaustion depression are a.) your own reluctance to seek professional help, b.) long waiting times and c.) not finding a conducive environment, suitable support and a form of therapy that is suitable for the street. At the HF Institute, you will find unusual but contemporary options on how to find yourself again and, perhaps even more importantly, how to avoid falling into the "holes in the sidewalk" in the future. 

One only sees trees - problems close together.
The other spaces - and the light.
E. Matani

Back to a natural balance
Tools & ways to cope with stress

As experienced experts for people with too much or too little life energy, we know that there is also an opportunity for personal growth and depth in every case of falling. We support you in seizing this opportunity. The HF method unites:

  1. 8 impulses grown from different forms of therapy,
  2. a tried and tested nutrition and detox concept,
  3. Mindful yoga, soul talks, meditation and massage
  4. and a system + support for everyday life
If you are interested in more information, please call us at +49-7634-5949773 or get in touch with us via our Contact form.
The now is the only place where life can be found.
Eckhart Tolle
Next FlowKur date:
December 11, 2023
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The FlowKur is for you if you are exhausted by the storm, need to change something, are looking for suitable support and are ready to take responsibility for this change process. We look with you and are happy to accompany you on your individual journey.

Overcome burnout permanently
Experience inner lightness
Getting back to life honestly