FlowKur treatment for relaxation & healing of the psyche

"One only sees Trees - Problems close together. The other spaces - and that Light." E. Matani


Have you been feeling restless for several weeks or months, trapped in confined spaces of thought, or winded? Have your usual performance and stability decreased noticeably? Do you rarely feel joy in the little things or do you sometimes feel nothing at all? 

You are not alone. Many people feel this way for different reasons. If you are just "surviving" for several weeks at a time, even if mental discomfort does not always mean a clinical disorder, then something is obviously wrong. In the long term, the good life is not meant for survival or for constantly down-regulating pressure, stress and tension. 

However, the mind and body do not lie. They neither act randomly nor do they mean you any harm, quite the opposite. They are part of the natural intelligence of life that supports you and whose symptoms are usually designed to protect us. They often want you to become more genuine and sustainable. The decisive direction rarely lies in the answers from childhood, what your serotonin level is or which regulation tool can help you, but more in the attitude and the mixture you need to make the wounding heal more easily. Change is possible. Help is at hand. Your inner space is your responsibility in the long run. Healing requires above all your calmness, self-reference, insight and action, without rushing, pushing or having to. 

Our guarantee to you: Care & competence. With our many years of experience, we support you carefully and attentively on your individual and unique path, promptly and beyond. Our work is practical and suitable for everyday use. We can usually help, even if the FlowKur is of course not suitable for all people and all conditions. The fruits of the work are not in anyone's hands, but the quality and excellence of the "inner gardening" is. That is our focus. For everything else, including healing, we thank life.


During the FlowKur you learn to experiment with the dynamics of your vitality. To change. Less waste. Less quantity. More awareness. More quality. More center. You learn to recognize hidden energy thieves, to gradually and systematically reduce them so that a natural basic state of being well with yourself can reappear, life force can accumulate and the foundation can heal. The essential may be invisible, but when you feel yourself again, you can clearly perceive it within you.

During the FlowKur you get to know yourself (again). You start to exhale.

As there are many different states of overload and healing processes of the psyche and brain, from mild chronic restlessness to the rigidity of exhaustion depression, our FlowCures are tailored to three different conditions: Vital for restlessness, Classic for significant loss of performance and Intensive for chronic exhaustion. Most people come to the institute for 6 days plus follow-up care via Zoom (approx. 2 months). This is usually enough. If possible, 2 weeks of FlowKur in a row are of course even better and sometimes necessary to open the door a little wider and longer. We will be happy to advise you.

You can find the 2024 FlowKur dates here.


Especially for inner restlessness
In individual accompaniment & supporting program
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Especially for loss of performance and sleep disorders
In individual accompaniment, with massage therapy and supporting program
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Especially for chronic fatigue
With individual support, massage therapy, colon cleansing & supporting program
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The FlowKuren are available in 3 stages: 

  • FlowKur Vital - 6 days: € 1,790
  • FlowKur Classic - 6 days: € 2,310
  • FlowKur Intensive - 6 days: € 2,980
  • FlowKur Vital - 13 days: € 3,380
  • FlowKur Classic - 13 days: € 4,340
  • FlowKur Intensive - 13 days: € 5,380

Payment by installmentsWe also offer the option to pay for the FlowKur in 3 installments. 

  • FlowKur Vital - 6 days: Rate from 600 €
  • FlowKur Classic - 6 days: rate from € 770
  • FlowKur Intensive - 6 days: Rate from € 995

You can find the 2024 FlowKur dates here.



  • Restlessness syndrome: chronic overthinking, thought addiction, thought noise, restlessness (non-clinical disorder)
  • Burnout syndrome (ICD - Z73) from mild to exhaustion depression, 
  • Depressive episodes - mild and moderate severity (F32)exhaustion, listlessness, emotional emptiness and withdrawal from social activities.
  • Recurrent depressive disorder (F33)
  • Behavioral addiction: Performance, work, recognition and creative addictions, "helper syndrome", "adrenaline junkie", emotional dependence and other non-substance-related disorders of the neuronal reward system (dopamine dysfunctions)
  • Overload syndrome: reduced performance, lack of motivation, difficulty in remembering, understanding and concentrating (including pseudo-dementia).
  • Stress-related, frequent and often changing physical complaints, such as headaches, stomach complaints or back problems, without a clear organic cause.
  • Stress-induced tinnitus (H93.1)
  • Persistent affective disorders, such as cyclothymia, dysthymia (F34)
  • Various anxiety, panic and obsessive-compulsive disorders (F40-42)
  • Adjustment disorders (F43.2)
  • Mental disorders caused by Long-Covid (U08.9) or Long-Vac
  • Non-organic sleep disorders (F51.0)
    et al.



  • In general, the HF method is only suitable as a therapy for people who have an understanding of the problem and want to actively change something about it
  • Acute major depression (ICD10 - F32.2-3)
  • Acute manic phase (ICD10 - F30.1-2)
  • Acute sleep disorders where the affected person has slept 3 hours or less for more than 3 nights in a row.
  • Lack of receptivity and therapeutic ability due to extreme attention deficit

Acute suicidal tendencies:
If you are in Germany (DE), call the free 24-hour hotline. Telefonseelsorge +49-800-1110111 - for Austria (A) to the 24-hour emergency number 142 - for Switzerland (CH) to the 24-hour emergency number 143.

Remember: Even if it feels different inside of you at the moment, you are not alone. Please use the prompt help of professionals to get through this difficult time. Your psyche, batteries and brain can regenerate and heal, including your own. Your lack of perspective will pass and, in retrospect, may even hold an opportunity: to question what is not true and real and to let go of what no longer serves your life. Beyond your current narrow world of thoughts, inner emptiness, perceived loneliness and emotional wounding, you are safe, supported and valuable, just as you are. Really.

graphic 8 humanflow principles final

Our method

The HumanFlow method uses eight specific principles to let go of useless things that no longer serve your psyche. It offers a customized, organic approach that combines the elements appropriately and encourages "gardening" in your own mind. Each principle enables you to find your way out of old patterns, emotional blockages and mental clutter and return to your original life force. Their success lies in their unique combination - systematic, practice-oriented and tailored to the process. An approach that focuses on naturalness and balance.

Tip: You can read in the book HumanFlow: The art of getting to know yourself / A practical guide learn more about the first 6 HF principles.

Mindfulness training
Living in the here and now.
You practise how you can find your way out of chronic brooding, worrying and obsessive thinking. You will learn what it practically means to be in the here and now and how you can develop mental space in your psyche again. You can put an end to mental noise step by step. However, the brain and nervous system first have to "learn" to find their way out of chronic overactivity and slow down. Mindfulness training can be the key to this.
What is your value?
Get to know yourself.
Who are you really? Self-worth arises when you know yourself, beyond performance, appearance, roles or expectations. As long as you don't know yourself, your self-image will be determined by others, your childish imprint or what you believe. However, you are perhaps much more, different and freer than you think and have been taught. Whatever is true, you would have to examine it for yourself and understand it as true. Have you already looked inside yourself?
Overcoming anxiety
Get to know your feelings.
Feelings can seem extremely threatening, overwhelming and painful. What do they want? What do they really need? What is the feeling all about? Mindful feeling through the body allows you to experience a feeling and its core in a completely different way. We practise mindfulness-based ways of dealing with strong emotions such as panic attacks, anxiety, deep sadness and restlessness. What would happen if you were to dwell in their center without demands, practically and silently?
Belief pattern work
No thought is absolutely true.
No thought is reality, but "only" one of many perspectives on reality. Inwardly, however, it often feels different, because our deeper belief patterns in particular seem real and true. But are they really? Reality may be very different from what your thoughts and feelings lead you to believe. We will show you how you can systematically question your thoughts so that you can recognize and let go of distorted thoughts that are neither useful nor true.
Are you living authentically?
This principle is about discovering what is really important to you. What do you really need? What do you stand for? What is your priority? Where is your limit? What is a normal compromise and what is a lazy one? What happens if your boundaries are crossed? The better you know yourself, the more steadfastly you can act. You become visible. It's often no longer about right or wrong, but only about being real, living and you. You are not a line and you don't have to blindly follow a right line in the long term. It just seems that way.
Higher power
You are safe and supported.
Even if it may feel different, life carries you, not the other way around. Many people take on responsibility for others and believe they have to carry and secure others in the long term. However, this is not true, but in the long run it exhausts and overloads even the strongest "donkey". By practicing giving up, you can place the part that is out of your hands into the hands of the higher power, however you understand it. It will rush to your aid. Take a step towards her.
Being in what is.
A suitable daily ritual can help you find your way back to reality from the extreme of being head-heavy. With a little intention, know-how and practice, the neuronal structure of the brain changes. We will work with you to help you find your own access more and more easily and take a seat in your inner garden.

Based on your personal experiences, approaches and discoveries, at the end of the FlowKur we will develop a concrete, integrable 6-9 point plan for your independent "gardening" at home over the next 2 months.

The FlowKur is for you if you are exhausted by the storm, need to change something, are looking for suitable support and are ready to take responsibility for this change process. We look with you and are happy to accompany you on your individual journey.

Overcoming burnout
Less circling of thoughts
Back to living life to the full