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FlowKur Intensive

Chronic fatigue - Phase III

The FlowKur Intensive is our most invigorating program, as it combines several major mental and physical stimuli. Especially when bowel and digestion are already chronically disturbed by stress, it can relieve and release. In addition to daily HumanFlow psychotherapy/coaching impulses and holistic massage therapy, it also includes an intestinal detox system based on Dr. Alejandro Junger's Clean Method. The FlowKur Intensive program aims to reset the gut, body and psyche to the maximum when either there is no longer enough vitality, rigidity has set in or the gut/digestion has been damaged by constant stress.

Who is the intensive flow cure for?

After phases of long-term and/or extreme stress of body and mind, at some point, often after many years, the life energy is used up - the batteries are in reserve mode. The person feels completely burnt out. At this point, most people experience extreme, often persistent fatigue, inner rigidity and listlessness, accompanied by sadness, usually loneliness and even resignation. The 6 to 13-day intensive program with three major impulses is our strongest program for exhaustion depression (mild, moderate, but not severe) and burnout stage III.

The person finds it difficult to get through the day and can often only do one thing, either a job or housework. Stage III usually manifests itself as follows:

  1. Maximum suffering - the person finds it difficult to cope with themselves
  2. Dark mood, little interest, little drive
  3. Increased risk of addiction
  4. strong lethargy, being frozen

If you have specific questions about the right program for you, call us at +49-7634-5949773.

The FlowKur Stage III has the following contents and focuses.

Cure contents

The 6-13 day FlowKur - Stage III takes place at the HumanFlow Institute, Badenweiler.

  1. Introductory meeting in HF method in a small group
  2. Daily psychotherapy/coaching with the HumanFlow method (Impulse 1)
  3. 5 x massage therapy, incl. Ayurveda, Lomi Lomi (Impulse 2)
  4. Colon cleansing program according to Dr. Junger with nutritional advice, daily accompaniment (Impulse 3)
  5. Food supplements for further intestinal build-up/cleansing
  6. 6 x vegan lunch, breakfast and dinner
  7. 5 x Meditation & Talk group meetings (Impulse 4)
  8. 4 x Yoga & Talk group meetings (Impulse 5)
  9. Development of a 2-month training plan for the psyche at home
  10. 1 x individual follow-up discussion by telephone or ZOOM (additional follow-up support possible on request)

Prices & Conditions

  1. 2.980 € at the end of the cure as a bank transfer or in cash (2 weeks € 5,380).
  2. We will charge you 40% of the full price if you cancel less than 5 days before the start, 80% for less than 48 hours and 100% for no-shows. If you have any concerns in this regard, we recommend that you take out separate travel cancellation insurance (e.g. Alliance).
  3. Reservations can be made by telephone or in writing. Returning the completed questionnaire constitutes a booking and acceptance of our terms and conditions.
  4. The FlowKur is a psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner service without VAT, except for the meal allowance. On request, you will receive an official alternative practitioner invoice for your private HP insurance with HP numbers and diagnosis for the psychotherapeutic part of the cure.
  5. To check whether your private insurance or supplementary insurance will cover the costs of naturopathic treatment, you can find a Example calculation according to GOHwhich you can submit and have checked in advance.
  6. In the case of a coaching service for stress or change management, we will invoice you or your company accordingly plus 19% VAT (exception: A and CH companies).
  7. Our prices do not include accommodation costs, which must be paid separately at the accommodation.
    Partner hotels: the cheapest - House Bettina  (from 45 €/night incl. breakfast - 250 € for 5 nights), the sunny - Hotel Villa Rosenhof,  (from 72 €/night, incl. breakfast - 360 € for 5 nights) or the upscale - Hotel Schwarzmatt (from 120 €/night + 10 EUR energy flat rate, incl. breakfast - 600 € for 5 days).

What former guests say

  • "... I'm taking home a lot of knowledge that was conveyed in a very understandable way. Exploring myself and my stored feelings was probably a bull's eye, the most surprising but very important detail of the week for me."

    Franziska, Journalist
  • "... A tremendous calm has spread through me. My storm of thoughts has calmed down. Things are starting to grow inside me as to where I could go. I manage not to brood about it or cling to it, but to let it come to me... "

    Martina, cook
  • "... I'm fine, I'm better than I've been for ages. My thought carousel has almost stopped its destructive work. When I am here and now, my fears also disappear. I have finally regained the joy in life that I haven't had for a long time..."

    Uwe, butcher
  • I was once again with Falk, Angelica and the whole team for prevention and, as always, it was incredibly beneficial. The peace, relaxation, serenity and, above all, the mindfulness I felt did me the world of good again and help me in my everyday life. It is always very nice and above all tangible to be with you and I would love to come back. Best regards Erik

    Erik E.
  • Here I found the key to a door that I didn't even know existed before. This has completely changed my life and my view of it - very much for the better. I not only learned a lot about stress, but also how to deal with it more consciously. I am extremely grateful for this!

    Elke N.
  • This place is an oasis to recharge your batteries and rethink. If you are suffering from exhaustion, if life has become difficult, you will find people here who will help you get back on your feet with a great deal of knowledge, empathy and experience. And in a remarkably short time. Just pick up the phone and call without obligation. There is a way for you! Take the first step!

    Christian F.
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Impulses of the Intensive flow cure

Individual coaching & therapy

Massage therapy

Healthy food

Colon cleansing program according to Dr. Junger

Yoga and breathing exercises

Clean nutritional advice

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