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First aid


Sometimes, when you feel acutely burnt out, anxious or overloaded, you need first aid. In these states, we are completely overwhelmed - alone. The reason for the overlay is usually not bad circumstances, even if it seems that way, but what we think about circumstances and ourselves. Our distorted thoughts, stuck feelings, erroneous imprints and other extremes overlay us like crushing rubble and debris. The further we distance ourselves from ourselves, the greater the suffering and pressure.

In the "HumanFlow emergency kit" you will find some small impulses that can give you some relief in this phase. They are intended to encourage you to do some practical fine-tuning, reminiscence and self-exploration. It will undoubtedly lead you to greater insight and depth.

Instructions for useFirst listen to the explanation of the instrument in full, then use it. For more in-depth or repeated use, take the instrument that suits you best. Do not force anything. Don't make any effort. You don't even have to believe anything. Be open and positive in your attitude. A door will open that was hidden from you before - perhaps a quiet reminder, a confirmation or an unexpected twist. You will see. What it's about is already inside you - just well hidden and extremely covert.


4 min.
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5-20 min.
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10 min.
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Pure silence - Meditation

When you look at the surface of a moving body of water, you perceive the movement. However, if you look at a completely still water surface, you see your reflection. Meditation works in a similar way. It helps you to get to know yourself - here and now, beyond the constant making, doing and creating on the surface. 

Here are three meditations guided by Angelica Mieschendahl. Try out the effect meditation has on you for 7 days in a row. What is it like to be still with yourself for short moments? Do you feel a bit of peace, a bit of stillness and a bit of support between and under all the "clutter and rubble", at least for a short time? Settle down there, even if it's just a corner. It will carry you.

Breath meditation

10 min.
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Inner body

14 min.
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11 min.
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HumanFlow's first aid for stress is "only" acute help for the first moment, but is not intended as a long-term solution and is also no substitute for professional support and, in emergency situations, for medical help. Don't wait too long for serious and long-lasting psychological problems, but seek the help you need.

Yours sincerely,
Falk & Angelica Mieschendahl