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In the beginning...

from Falk Mieschendahl

HumanFlow originally arose from a personal insight.

At the age of 32, a stranger asked me an unexpected question during an evening lecture in Münster: "What's missing?". His words gave me pause. An unusual clarity allowed me to observe the inner space like a quiet mountain lake. My mind was calm and quiet. In this extended moment, I suddenly realized in all depth that nothing is missing in me or about me, nothing can be missing and never has been missing.

This realization hit me like a bolt of lightning, because for the first time in my life I had understood something essential. It was as if tons of weight had fallen from my shoulders. Until that moment, I had completely overlooked myself in my constant thinking, striving and doing. Not anymore. In the seven years that followed, I was almost constantly filled with a groundless state of inner peace and contentment. I am - what happiness! The moment had changed my life, as in a before and after.

As unbelievable as this may sound, at the same time nothing had happened except that I had become aware of a previously hidden level. I also knew that in my deep self there was no difference between me and others. Not only my being, but everyone's being is flawless, safe and peaceful. The only problem was that most people don't know themselves. Everyone would have to explore and understand the depths for themselves. This resulted in a meaningful direction: to accompany people who are interested in independent self-exploration and natural flow. I called this vision "HumanFlow".

In 2006, after 4 years of experimenting, learning and integrating, HumanFlow officially opened its doors at the Veda Villa Ayurveda Clinic in Schledehausen.

In the months that followed, I discovered that the people who strived most for inner peace, stability and contentment were those who lacked it the most: the burnt-out, the exhausted and the overburdened. For them, even more than for others, their being was often covered by restless, painful and distorting "junk and rubble". They were often unable to see or feel themselves and usually suffered from severe self-doubt and constant mental noise. A solid crust blocked their return to basic trust, self-worth and vitality. They had lost sight of the essentials. 

Working with them gave rise to an initial focus: support against burnout and for less mental suffering. The mindfulness-based approach has helped many people with different personalities, situations and psyches to achieve a healthy psyche and a more conscious life. Over the years, this has resulted in more than 14,000 individual sessions. From this experience, the foundations of the HumanFlow method for healing, prevention and personal growth were developed.

In addition to the well-known flow cures, new formats such as courses, retreats, training courses, trips to India, a book and much more were created. But one thing has remained the same: the invitation to get to know yourself and be close to yourself.

Does this direction appeal to you? Then we look forward to hearing from you.

Yours, Falk Mieschendahl


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