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Are you unsure? Try the FlowKur.

The FlowKur offer appeals to you, but you are worried that it might not be practical enough for your situation, possibly too short or not applicable in everyday life? At first glance, this is completely understandable. We don't want to convince you otherwise, because every individual path is unique. However, we invite you to take a second look, namely to spend a trial day at the HumanFlow Institute. Your own experience can often say more than 1000 words.

How it works.

Step 1. You choose an appointment during the regular FlowKur appointments and reserve your test day by phone or via the Contact form.

Step 2. You visit us in Badenweiler. It starts at 9 am with a meditation, followed by a one-to-one session to get to know each other (approx. 60 min + home impulse). Later in the day you will receive a massage. A delicious vegetarian lunch follows at midday. And at the end you will receive a small surprise gift. The trial day ends at 18:30 with a yin yoga class. In the free time during the day, you are invited to read with us, take a walk in the park or forest or simply be here without any particular plan.
By the way, if you choose the trial day on the first day of a regular FlowKur, you can stay on site for 1-2 weeks afterwards for the complete FlowKur if you liked it and we still have a free place.

Prices & Conditions

  • The total price is 175 €- incl. VAT.
  • A list of possible FlowCure/Trial day Dates you will find here. 
  • Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the start of the course must be paid in full.
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What former guests say

  • I was once again with Falk, Angelica and the whole team for prevention and, as always, it was incredibly beneficial. The peace, relaxation, serenity and, above all, the mindfulness I felt did me the world of good again and help me in my everyday life. It is always very nice and above all tangible to be with you and I would love to come back. Best regards Erik

    Erik E.
  • "... I'm taking home a lot of knowledge that was conveyed in a very understandable way. Exploring myself and my stored feelings was probably a bull's eye, the most surprising but very important detail of the week for me."

    Franziska, Journalist
  • "... A tremendous calm has spread through me. My storm of thoughts has calmed down. Things are starting to grow inside me as to where I could go. I manage not to brood about it or cling to it, but to let it come to me... "

    Martina, cook
  • "... I'm fine, I'm better than I've been for ages. My thought carousel has almost stopped its destructive work. When I am here and now, my fears also disappear. I have finally regained the joy in life that I haven't had for a long time..."

    Uwe, butcher
  • Here I found the key to a door that I didn't even know existed before. This has completely changed my life and my view of it - very much for the better. I not only learned a lot about stress, but also how to deal with it more consciously. I am extremely grateful for this!

    Elke N.
  • This place is an oasis to recharge your batteries and rethink. If you are suffering from exhaustion, if life has become difficult, you will find people here who will help you get back on your feet with a great deal of knowledge, empathy and experience. And in a remarkably short time. Just pick up the phone and call without obligation. There is a way for you! Take the first step!

    Christian F.
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