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Sometimes you need first aid when you feel acutely stressed, tight, angry, anxious or overloaded. The cause of this is not what you think, but that you think. In other words, it is not your circumstances or yourself that are the real reason for your current state, but something much closer to home: your own stressful thoughts.

If you release your attachment to these thoughts for a while, it is therefore possible to find your way out of the inner impasse in the near future, at least for a while. In our case you will find a few small impulses that can help you deal with the carousel of thoughts.

Instructions for useFirst listen to the explanation of the instrument, then use it. For more in-depth or repeated use, take the instrument that suits you best.

Please also read the further instructions for use and recommendations at the end.


4 min.
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5-20 min.
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Approach: compassion. The "I give up" tool diverts your attention from stressful thoughts to a positive supporting force. It leads you out of the misconception that you have to or can carry everything.

10 min.
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When we look at the surface of a moving body of water, we perceive the movement. However, if we look at an absolutely still water surface, we see our reflection. Meditation works in a similar way. It helps you to experience yourself more deeply, let go of thoughts, overcome stress and ultimately get to know yourself differently than just through your mind. It has a healing effect on the meditator. At the HumanFlow Institute, we have been teaching meditation for many years and recommend it as part of a daily ritual.

Here are three meditations led by Angelica Mieschendahl. Choose the one that suits you best for your own practice and stick with it. After 30 days of practicing, check where you stand. The important thing with meditation is to practise it regularly. Just as physical fitness training trains the muscles, meditation changes the brain and therefore also the mind. Scientific studies show that even a short meditation of 20 minutes a day changes the neuronal brain structure after just 8 weeks. Try out what effect meditation has on you.

Breath meditation

10 min.
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Inner body

14 min.
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11 min.
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HumanFlow's first aid for stress is "only" acute help for the first moment, but is not intended as a long-term solution and is also no substitute for professional support and, in emergency situations, for medical help. Don't wait too long for serious and long-lasting psychological problems, but seek the help you need.

For questions about the Exercises, e-mail us or call us.

Kind regards,
Falk Mieschendahl

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The FlowKur is for you if you are exhausted by the storm, need to change something, are looking for suitable support and are ready to take responsibility for this change process. We look with you and are happy to accompany you on your individual journey.

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