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What we stand for:


"Sf your roots are deep, you need not fear the wind." - Proverb from China

We believe that the deepest root of life is the Livelinessthat naturally permeates a person. If it is in balance, not too much and not too little, it expresses itself as a quiet contentment that needs no words, no justifications or special circumstances. Living life does not cost a penny and bubbles up all of life internally, as if in a continuously self-filling bowl. No one has to create it artificially or earn it. It is there from the beginning, often in abundance in almost everyone, just not yet consciously.

Vitality is invisible, but the Foundation of powerful action, of joie de vivre, of basic trust and of a peaceful mind. In the long run, it stands above all the other important aspects of life, including family, children, achievement, goals, doing right, pleasing, helping, opinions, money, possessions, profession, security, status and career anyway, because ultimately everything is based on it. At a certain depth of overload, a question arises: do you only honor the life before your eyes or do you also honor your own life in the present? 

More than one Life in balance there is nothing to be gained unless you believe it. However, living a mature long life in good balance is not easy, as you can easily see in your own complex daily life, in your personal environment, in major health studies or on the pedestrian streets. Mental and physical health is the natural expression of this vitality, even if the details vary from person to person.

If vitality is overused over long periods of time, often decades, a deficiency develops at some point; the shell has slowly emptied and no longer fills up sufficiently. The result is either a pronounced oscillation or a constant feeling of exhaustion. The originally good life has developed into psychological survival (usually without any tangible, external need).

Aliveness: the gold within you

If you feel like you are fighting, fleeing or functioning most of the time for several weeks or months, you should take a close look at whether something fundamental is no longer in order. Even an empty shell wouldn't be a break in the leg or fundamentally bad, but would be normal and human. It could even be a great opportunity: Change

Our suggestion is to make yourself better and get to know us betteryour limits, your tendencies, your programs, your thoughts, your hurdles and fears, your roles and, above all, yourself. If you know yourself, it is much easier to choose a new direction instead of continuing to let the autopilot of your own world of thoughts take over.

We offer you for your Self-research one open space, new impulses and Careful monitoring on. We don't know your answers, but with the HF method we help you to explore them for yourself, find them yourself and show you how you can integrate your new insights into your everyday life.

What we do

We help people in crisis and with change processes with an experienced team of experts in psychotherapy, massage, yoga, Ayurveda, coaching and meditation.

On the one hand, we offer practical tools to activate the natural basic state and, on the other, ways to reduce misconceptions, blockages and resistance. We see ourselves as professional guides towards holistic health, pointing out alternative paths, knowing dead ends as well as shortcuts.

From our experience, we have also been training people in consciousness-based stress management and self-exploration since 2010. So far, over 150 people from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands and Luxembourg have taken part in the 9-month training and self-exploration journey.

Where we work

On 180 square meters, the HumanFlow Institute offers a light-filled place to get away from it all and find your way back to yourself. There are various lounges, a small but fine library, a bright yoga room surrounded by greenery, a sun-drenched terrace, practice, dining and massage rooms.

In recent years, we have been able to help hundreds of people find peace and gain more clarity and perspective in this place. 

Badenweiler lies between Freiburg and Basel. The location is no coincidence, as Badenweiler has long been a center of attraction for healing with its ancient Roman archaeological bathing facilities. Badenweiler, located in the beautiful and sunny Markgräfler wine-growing region. It is a sublime place, which is also characterized by its special fauna, such as its giant sequoia trees in the spa gardens.

What is consciousness-based psychotherapy?

Do your thoughts control you or do you control your thoughts? 

This seemingly small difference determines whether thoughts are your friends or behave like your enemies. 

In people who suffer from constant stress, anxiety, burnout or depression, thoughts have become enemies. 

In the silence of your heart, however, you are not the voice in your head, nor are you to be found in your thoughts. Nevertheless, whatever you focus your attention on, whether internally or externally, will grow over time. You breathe life into the "being", so to speak. This creative process happens unconsciously and imperceptibly.

Over time and through repetition, a close bond develops with the structures in your consciousness. You believe your thoughts and thought worlds. The inner autopilot has everything firmly under control. You seem to have no choice and unconsciously follow your thoughts.

For reality, however, you have to find out for yourself who you really are. Get to know yourself beyond words, concepts, things and hopes. Practice letting go of what you are not in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, practically and regularly. Explore silently and awake. Do everything for it and at the same time, strangely enough, you can do nothing for it. 

All depth, awareness and serenity arise on their own through the Higher Power, however you understand it. For some this happens immediately and for most within a few months of practice. You don't have to create anything and nothing special has to happen. Your deeper understanding, beyond comprehension, occurs on its own. You emerge as reality without having to take your story and your will so seriously.

If you want to experience less suffering in yourself and your life, or even have to out of intolerance, then your gradual realization of this difference will transform your life.

Get to know yourself and your peaceful spirit will emerge.

Promoting this natural process from the depths is the core of consciousness-based psychotherapy.